PPC Pay Per Click

PPC Pay Per Click

You give us the KPIs, we’ll make them happen.

No matter your business, brand, or industry, we can tailor our PPC process to fit your needs perfectly.

We’ve developed internal systems and processes that are easily catered to a variety of niche-specific


SeoSlav’s methodology is centered on testing – we’ve created a robust set of systems that have been

tested, tweaked, improved, and tested again to squeeze every bit of value possible from our client’s

marketing campaigns.


Let’s cut to the chase – this is what you care about.

We ensure that we optimize your AdWords campaign to yield quantifiable returns, whether that means

more clients for you, more sold merchandise, or simply more traffic to your website.

You need to know you’re getting proper returns on your investment. That’s why we ensure the entire

process is transparent, and tangible. You’ll see the results as they tick in and you won’t be disappointed

– your bank account, especially.

Let’s get you the traffic you deserve with an unmatchable PPC campaign that actually yields results.

Test, Test, and… Test

Your success in AdWords depends on our ability to split test different campaigns, targeting different

people, focused on different keywords. All of this is determined through intensive research, of course.

But, nothing beats good results.

Once we hit on the campaigns and keywords that yield the highest return, we’ll focus on creating similar

campaigns for a variety of different terms related to your business.


Full Immersion

At SeoSlav, we’re focused on more than an agency/client relationship – we aim to be an extension of

your business. That means we have to discuss your needs, challenges, and goals in order to create a

successful AdWords campaign.

Strategy / Competitive Research

We focus on several main factors for your specific strategy:

Your Main KPIs Cash Flow Seasonality Economic Conditions Plans for Expansion

High Margin Products Advertising Restrictions Previous and Present Marketing

Campaigns etc.

We also engage in an extremely thorough look at your competition’s paid-search volume and keyword

coverage. We can discover tons of data from your competition’s positioning – all to better calculate

what methods will serve you best.

Keyword Generation

Now comes the daunting task of choosing relevant and – more importantly – profitable keywords for

your business. With millions of options to choose from, SeoSlav constantly tests and adds successful

keywords to our database, in line with their respective niches.

This phase springs from our strategic planning phase, where we engage in a deep-competitive audit of

your online niche. We’ll choose the most profitable keywords from your competition, and begin testing

them on your own brand, while optimizing the campaign from the corresponding results.

Ad Copywriting

95 – 145 characters. That’s all the space you get to show how great your business is.

This small, limited space means that your copywriting needs to yield impressive results, no matter how

marginal the ROI may seem. Our Copywriter’s are some of the best in the world, and we know what it

takes to write a gripping ad. Again, we recommend split testing several variations, as well, to determine

which string will yield the highest results.

Bid Management

This is the tricky part.

To have a successful data-driven AdWords campaign, you’ve got to have some level of automatic

bidding in order to scale. Unfortunately, too many companies jump into third-party bid managing

platforms, thinking that it’ll solve all of their data-bidding problems. Fortunately for you, we know that

doesn’t work. In order to scale, bid managing tech needs good structure to start off with, and even

better managing as your campaigns begin to scale.

We’re comfortable working with a plethora of different bid-managing software, like DoubleClick, Marin,

and Kenshoo. If none of those fit your taste, we can even come up with our own management tool for



If you’re a Nonprofit organization, you may qualify for a $10,000 AdWords grant directly from Google


Imagine the changes you could bring about with a budget of $10,000 for your next PPC campaign – more

volunteers, more donations, more exposure for your cause.

We help ensure that you have the best chances of qualifying for such an amazing opportunity. Let us

streamline the process for you!

Are you ready to launch an AdWords campaign that actually pays?

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