Local SEO

Local SEO

We tailor you SEO needs as a small business owner. That means no more of your marketing budget will be wasted on strategies that may not even benefit your company.

Make it easy on your customers

You’ve got people looking for you. Make it easy for them to find you!

Massive advancements in technology have made consumers eager and impatient. There are tons of studies out there advocating the importance of speedy, easy-to- use services being valued over any other. If it’s easy and quick, your customers are more likely to take action!

As opposed to traditional advertising, local SEO has the huge benefit of reaching people at the exact moment that they need your services.

Never stay static

SEO is an ever-changing industry. With new algorithms constantly being introduced into the mix, it’s important to evolve with the industry and stay current on the most successful marketing methods.

It’s because of this willingness to always adapt that we’re able to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price – with stellar results.


Our local SEO takes the wasted pricing of guesswork marketing out of the equation. When people search for your services in the local market, we can guarantee they’ll find you.


Listings Audit

At SeoSlav, we run a highly intensive report that allows us to see all of your previously created listings to make sure that all possible corrections can be made before we set out on a local SEO tangent.

GMB Optimization

We build your Google My Business listing if you don’t already have one. If you do, we ensure that your listing is properly optimized to ensure that you’re getting the most out of an enhanced ranking campaign.

Review Monitoring

Google places a tremendous amount of importance on reviews and their responses. When you work with us, we ensure that your bad reviews never go unanswered, and do our best to help mediate and correct the issue to improve their rating.

Citation Building

We build fully-optimized citations for your business to increase your ‘trust’ with Google and your overall arching online presence. The more information Google is able to mine about your business, the more trust they place in your NAP (name, address, and phone number). This causes them to rank your local business higher than your competition. Citations are one of Google’s highest-ranking factors in your local SEO, so we make sure you get only the highest quality.

Social Media

It’s important to have a local Facebook listing tied to your GMB account. Not only will you have more opportunities to engage with Facebook-intensive customers, but you’ll have the added benefit of social backlinks. We’ll set up and post to your Facebook for you if you aren’t social-savvy!

Dedicated Support

Don’t worry about having questions and concerns – you’ll have your very own quick answering, expert- level Account Manager to answer to you any time you have worries. We’re here for you.

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