Link Building – what this is and how to properly use it

Link Building – what this is and how to properly use it
  • 20 September 2017

What a link building is?

This is acquisition and building a network of hyperlinks from other websites to your website.

These connections (links) help users so that they can easily navigate between the different internet pages. The correct definition of links characteristic in general should be the following – these are the connections which enrich certain content and give a quick path towards new information which unfortunately is not always the case.

Search engines use the links so that they can browse the web and find new websites through them or to understand how powerful or popular the old ones are.
html tag

1. Opening tag of the link. It is called anchor tag and it gives the beginning in a connection by telling the search engines that there is a link leading towards something else (another page or resource).

2. The address towards which the link is refereeing, Href is an abbreviation of hyperlink referral, and the text between the quotation marks show the URL address towards which the link is referring. This is not always necessary for a webpage. It could be an address with an image, document or another file for downloading.

3. Anchor text of the link. This is a word or a small text fragment that users see on the page and they should click on it if they want to open the link. The text is made in such a way that it could be easily recognized as a reference – it is either marked with another color and/or underlined, and there is also the possibility to be bolded.

4. Ending tag of the link. It gives a clear signal to search engines that this is the end of the link itself.

Link building is part of the complex process of seo optimization. This is also one of the most complex, expensive and time consuming parts of all that work. In order to understand how important inbound links are for gaining strength and increasing Domain Authority and Page Authority indexes of your website, I will give you one particular example.

link building for seo

Imagine that you are one exclusive seo specialists looking for a job at Google. Do not bother to argue that Google does not need seo specialist – after all, this is just an example. And because you are really good in what you do, thirty of your colleagues recommend you to the employer, and everything is up to him. Some of them are really popular experts, the others not so much, but they are all in your industry. And your place seems almost secure...

And now, imagine that instead of having recommendations from your colleagues, you have been recommended by a cleaning woman at the station. That seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? First of all, because she is not a seo expert and does not know a thing about this profession. And second, because she is standing at the lowest step of a company hierarchy and probably she could not be trusted for such a thing.

It is the same about links to your website and how google accepts them! The best would be if they come from relevant sources. And I do not mean some kind of strict relevance – a good job will do any of the websites in the industry. It is good to have variety which characterizes better the activity in your area.


When by accident or not, a hyperlink occurs to one of you website pages from another website, that is not connected to your industry and you have no points of contact, and it is also not a strong website, this will not provide you any benefits. It is the same thing as the recommendation from the cleaning woman. It could even harm you!

But things are different when a minister decides to ‘write’ you a good recommendation – he could be familiar with your business or not, but his opinion matters. We are talking about links coming from strong websites on common themes, news, blogs or as a last resort from such websites, which have nothing in common with your industry, but they are significant and popular, and can pass some of their strength to your website.

If you want to develop and run correctly one really good link building strategy, it should look like it is all happening naturally and gradually, without your interference. You should have in mind that search engines do not like big shocks or really serious changes which happen at the same time.

anchor profile

The more various your link and anchor text profile is, the more likely will be to achieve good results. Do not overdo with the keywords in the anchor text (the title of the link), make a higher percentage of brand and domain variations.

It is good if you start with link building right away after you have created the new website, which needs new content in order to achieve prosperity. And it is not necessary to be every day. You can do it two times per week, three times per month – it all depends on the niche and what you have to tell your users.

And remember: search engines do not like to be manipulated, so we need to do everything step by step, making it look natural and just like it happens by itself.

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